The Tubal Ligation Surgery

Each year, thousands of women decide to undergo a tubal ligation procedure to prevent future pregnancy. Without a reversal procedure, there is a very low likelihood (less than 1 percent) of becoming pregnant within the next 10 years. However, new surgical options for tubal ligation reversal allow up to 80 percent of women to become pregnant.

Although the exact techniques used during tubal ligation may differ, the general procedure is the same across surgeons. The tubal ligation is typically an outpatient procedure in which the woman is placed under general anesthesia. Using specialized instruments, the surgeon makes small incisions in the abdomen. The Fallopian tubes, which connect the ovaries to the uterus, are then clipped, tied or burned (cauterized). This prevents eggs from passing through the Fallopian tubes to be fertilized. Typically, patients go home on the same day and experience a very brief recovery period.

Tubal Ligation Procedures

Tubal ligation is considered a permanent sterilization method and should not be undertaken lightly. However, in many circumstances, women who previously underwent tubal ligation decide at a later date that they would like a baby. Thus, medical experts have developed tubal ligation reversal procedures to help these women.

During the surgery, the physician will remove the clips or ties blocking the Fallopian tubes. He or she will then reconnect the tubes to the uterus, maximizing the possibility that fertilization will occur. Although there is no guarantee that a woman will become pregnant following a tubal reversal procedure, pregnancy often occurs in the first year after undergoing the procedure. You may require a special type of x-ray several months after the tubal ligation reversal to ensure that the Fallopian tubes are open and reconnected properly.

The decision to reverse a tubal ligation is highly personal. Before deciding to undergo a reversal procedure, talk to your doctor about your options and the likelihood that the procedure will be successful for you.

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