Tubal Ligation Reversal Center Success Stories

I am here to tell you it can happen! I was young and got my tubes tied. When my life got back on track and I met a good guy, we wanted a baby together. We had surgery with Dr. Saadat and 7 months later I was pregnant! His whole office is amazing, and I totally recommend going to see Dr. Saadat if you want to have your tubes untied.

- Merry S.

Surgery is scary. When you have someone that is going to operate on you, you want the best. Dr. Peyman Saadat is the best! Trust me, from start to finish this whole thing was pretty smooth. I was surprised how quickly I was able to go back to work. I am 6 months pregnant now and I am so grateful. Thank you for everything Dr. Saadat.

- Nancy E.


I had my essure removed by Dr. Saadat several weeks ago and I feel amazing. Honestly, the from the moment that I had the surgery I immediately felt better. Right away. I can’t describe how good it is to be myself again. My symptoms are gone and I am back to enjoying my life. Thank you to Dr. Saadat and his nurses for giving me back my life!

- Christy W.

My name is Gloria A, and I am now E-Hell FREE! I had my Essure coils removed by Dr. Peyman Saadat on 4/1/15 and I am back to myself! From the moment I called, to my actual surgery, I was in very good hands. The staff is helpful and Dr. Saadat is very knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone going through E-Hell to call Dr. Saadat. He is the best! I can’t thank him enough for giving me my life back!

- Gloria A.

Dear Dr. Peyman Saadat and Staff: I was a patient there 16 months ago. I am sure that you all remember me because I was SO nervous about surgery. Thank you everyone for helping me to relax. It is scary to have surgery and I cannot say enough about how reassuring everyone there was, especially the Doctor. I still cannot believe it, but I am looking at the living proof that it worked right now – my baby girl! Thank you Thank you!

- C. Johnson, Fresno

I got Dr. Saadat's name from my cousin’s girlfriend. She had tubal reverse surgery with Dr. Saadat 2 years ago and had a baby boy. I was real nervous about surgery because I am overweight but they didn’t charge me extra like some places do. And now I am 6 weeks pregnant. I still can’t believe it!

- A. Garcia, San Bernardino

OMG! If you want a tubal reversal this is the doctor to see. I had my tubal done 7 years ago after my last baby and I was sure I was done. Then I met the love of my life and he is younger than me and doesn’t have kids. We went to see Dr. Saadat in August, had surgery in October and was pregnant by the New Year!!!

- M. Robinson, Riverside

Dear Dr. Saadat, thank you so much for helping my husband and I.  We thought that the tubal ligation surgery I had 12 years ago was irreversible – that is what 3 other doctors told us.  I am so glad I called your office. We had our surgery 8 months ago and I know that I probably drove you and your staff crazy with all my questions but you all were so patient with me.  And now, I just found out I’M PREGNANT!  Thank you for everything!

- J. Lopez, Los Angeles

I went to Dr. Peyman Saadat in August for tubal ligation reversal surgery. Dr. Saadat is compassionate, knowledgeable and did a great job on my tubal reversal surgery. I recovered well and got back to feeling like myself about 2 weeks after surgery. Dr. Saadat's surgical skills helped me to achieve my pregnancy and I delivered a healthy baby girl within one year after the surgery date. We feel very lucky to have found Dr. Saadat.

- K. Rossenbaum, Las Vegas

He was fantastic in explaining the whole process so I could understand what was happening with my body. We ended up getting pregnant on the first try with one stellar embryo and baby girl will be 11 months old tomorrow. Kudos to Dr. Peyman Saadat for having such a friendly and responsive staff, as a medical professional myself I know how difficult it is to find good people. I would have to say he is the best.

- C. White, San Diego

After trying for more than 3years to have a second child, I was referred to Dr. Peyman Saadat by my friend for tubal reversal. From the moment I first walked in his Los Angeles office, I was treated with compassion and felt I was truly being listened to and my concerns were taken seriously. We are so happy we went with Dr. Saadat and got pregnant. We are so grateful for what you have been able to do for us, Dr Saadat.

- H. Dominguez, Orange County

We met Dr. Peyman Saadat 6 years after my tubes were cut and burned. From the beginning of he knew exactly what we must do in order to get a satisfactory outcome. Working with Dr Saadat and his staff gave us confidence and hope. I am 16 weeks pregnant and super excited to see the baby of our dreams. We would like to thank them and recommend all those who are looking for an expert to do tubal ligation reversal procedure.

- A. Fernandez, Phoenix, Arizona
We Understand Your Needs

At Our Tubal Reversal Clinic, we understand your desire to undo your birth control decision and get pregnant again. Whether you’re in a new relationship or simply changed your mind about having a baby, we’re prepared to help you on your pregnancy journey. Our Tubal Reversal Center is staffed by caring, experienced professionals who understand the physical and psychological hardships that come with having a tubal ligation surgery. Dr. Peyman Saadat as well as his team of board-certified physicians with specialized education in women’s reproductive health performs all of our tubal ligation reversal procedures. We work constantly to maintain high-quality patient care, facilitate communication, and restore your fertility.