Tubal Reversal Clinic Welcomes You

Dr. Peyman Saadat is a leading provider of tubal reversal or tubal ligation reversal surgeries in California, and is one of the few doctors in the country that has the experience to successfully perform an Essure reversal surgery. Every year Dr. Peyman Saadat helps over 250 women who have made the decision to reverse their surgery, and fulfills their dreams of adding to their family.

You are in good hands with us!

Sometimes our path in life changes and a decision that was right at one time may not be right for you now. If you find yourself wishing that you had not made the choice to “tie” your tubes (tubal ligation), and are searching for options, you will be happy to learn that there is a safe, effective procedure that can reverse a surgery that you thought was permanent.

These surgeries are delicate, and require skill and experience. Your future family is safe in the hands of Dr. Peyman Saadat, who is a double board certified physician, and has been practicing for over 10 years. The decision to have a tubal ligation or Essure placement is a personal and emotional one, and so is the choice to get a tubal reversal (or Essure reversal).

Dear Dr. Saadat and Staff: I was a patient there 16 months ago. I am sure that you all remember me because I was SO nervous about surgery. Thank you everyone for helping me to relax. It is scary to have surgery and I cannot say enough about how reassuring everyone there was, especially the Doctor. I still cannot believe it, but I am looking at the living proof that it worked right now – my baby girl! Thank you Thank you!

- C. Johnson, Fresno

I got Dr. Saadat's name from my cousin’s girlfriend. She had tubal reverse surgery with Dr. Saadat 2 years ago and had a baby boy. I was real nervous about surgery because I am overweight but they didn’t charge me extra like some places do. And now I am 6 weeks pregnant. I still can’t believe it!

- A. Garcia, San Bernardino

OMG! If you want a tubal reversal this is the doctor to see. I had my tubal done 7 years ago after my last baby and I was sure I was done. Then I met the love of my life and he is younger than me and doesn’t have kids. We went to see Dr. Saadat in August, had surgery in October and was pregnant by the New Year!!!

- M. Robinson, Riverside

Dear Dr. Peyman Saadat, thank you so much for helping my husband and I.  We thought that the tubal ligation surgery I had 12 years ago was irreversible – that is what 3 other doctors told us.  I am so glad I called your office. We had our surgery 8 months ago and I know that I probably drove you and your staff crazy with all my questions but you all were so patient with me.  And now, I just found out I’M PREGNANT!  Thank you for everything!

- J. Lopez, Los Angeles



Tubal Ligation Reversal Center Understands Your Needs

At our Tubal Reversal Center, we understand how important reversing your tubal ligation is, and we will be honored to help you achieve that goal. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have simply changed your mind about wanting a baby, we’re prepared to help you on your pregnancy journey. Our Tubal Reversal Center is staffed by caring, experienced professionals who understand the physical and psychological hardships that come with having a tubal ligation surgery. Dr. Peyman Saadat with specialized education in women’s reproductive health performs all of our tubal ligation reversal procedures. We work constantly to maintain high-quality patient care, facilitate communication, and restore your fertility.